The Tall Trees

The Tall Trees will be a purpose built three story Memory Care Centre extension to The Four Ferns. Providing an additional 33 bedrooms and 35 bed spaces it will open in Spring 2024. The Tall Trees will feature a dedicated GP service working alongside our team of nursing professionals.

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Tall Trees Memory Centre at The Four Ferns

Discover the future of memory care at Tall Trees Memory Centre. Our innovative approach redefines excellence in memory care. Every aspect, meticulously crafted, offers discreet cognitive, sensory, and physical reinforcement. The results are a serene, empowering home that reduces stress, enhances social interaction, and boosts overall quality of life.

Seamlessly Inclusive
Our design tackles mobility and sensory challenges, creating a harmonious environment.

Calm Clarity
The streamlined design minimises auditory and visual clutter, fostering tranquillity.

Comfort Redefined
Smart furnishings compensate for lost abilities. From supportive chairs to pressure-relieving fabrics, we prioritise your loved one’s well-being.

Welcome to Tall Trees
Step into a reimagined space designed to embrace residents with familiarity and warmth.

Experience the future of memory care today. Your loved ones deserve the best.

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The Tall Trees at The Four Ferns

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