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The Four Ferns

The Four Ferns is a luxury elderly care facility located on Brighton Road in Foxrock. It offers unrivalled, luxurious, elegant, non-clinical accommodation.

The Four Ferns fuses cutting edge interior design with state of the art technology, delivering an innovative sanctuary to support and enhance the quality of life of each of our residents.

The prime location enables local residents to remain part of the community.

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Our residents happiness is our priority. We want our residents families to know that we are taking the time to get to know their loved one and doing things just how they like them.

We offer an unrivalled list of activities to assist our residents mentally and physically as well as activities that will enjoy. There will also be activities that will integrate The Four Ferns into the local community. These include music, art, visiting choirs, kids club, group physiotherapy class, extend dance class, flower arranging, board games, current affairs discussions, specialised dementia therapies and many more

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Infection Control

Our priority at The Four Ferns is to ensure the safety of our residents and the people delivering their care. We ensure that all of our team are well trained in infection prevention and control measures. The Four Ferns is a state of the art facility and this plays a key role when managing the spread of infection. It was purpose built in Nov 2019 and several key infection control measures were implemented as part of this build. This includes the ability to manage the different floors as distinct and separate units and so remove any cross over and interaction of staff across units.

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