2021 Developments

Infection Control at The Four Ferns

As we maintain robust infection control at the Four Ferns we continue to prioritise our residents autonomy, privacy and their dignity. Our team are well trained in infection prevention and control measures. We are in regular contact with the HSE, HIQA, the St Vincents Hospital Group and other healthcare experts. We provide continuous training on infection prevention and control for our team. Temperatures are taken twice daily.

The Four Ferns is a brand new build and so we have top of the range infection control structures in place. For example we now operate the the different floors on The Four Ferns as distinct, separated units. The nurses and care staff on the different floors have different entrances into the building. Each floor has their own changing and break rooms to remove any chance of cross over and interaction of staff from different units.

We have always maintained Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies and our team wear PPE as appropriate. We have meticulous house keeping cleaning procedures in place including all of our rooms being cleaned twice daily. Hand hygiene pumps are dotted everywhere. We have power assisted doors and and auto sanitisers in place.

Abigail Borromeo is our Infection Control Manager and you can hear more from Abigail here.

Daily Living at The Four Ferns

Our residents happiness and safety is at the core of everything we do at The Four Ferns

Life in The Four Ferns is constantly changing in response to the needs and interests of our residents. Our social programme is always decided based on discussion and input from our residents.  We build it around their needs and interests.  Residents naturally gravitate towards people with common interests so running activities in smaller groups is not a problem.

In order to facilitate the current restrictions we have made some changes to our meal times and our activities. We now have two sittings for lunch and dinner to ensure that all residents can dine together whilst maintaining social distancing. Residents have been paired according to people they socialise with.

Visiting restrictions change in line with current guidance from HSPC. When visits are permitted they must be managed through our advance booking system. We have processes in place that must be followed in order to protect our residents, visitors and our team at The Four Ferns.

Aoife Houlihan is our Social Care Manager at The Four Ferns. You can hear more from Aoife here.